The RapidFS Login account is a secure and fast way for all registered cardholders to manage their accounts. RapidFS Login is available only at www.rapidfs.com. All registered account holders can access this online platform securely and with ease.


Clients and cardholders can log into separate portals provided by the company. You can use the official portal to withdraw money, make purchases, and much more.

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By using RapidFS Login, you will never have to worry about losing checks or paying check-cashing fees. With Allpoint, employees receive SMS notifications, reseller discounts, share discounts, bill payments, free withdrawals from Allpoint machines, and much more, all without paying an additional fee.

RapidFS Login Process

If you do not log in, you cannot access your RapidFS account. Follow these steps to log into the portal:

  • By entering the webpage address www.rapidfs.com in your browser, you can visit the official website.
  • You can enter the User ID you created during registration or simply your card account number. 
  • You will need your password to access your account. To access your account, click Login.
  • You can now easily access your account and various services.


  • If you forget your user id or password, you can reset it by using the forget user id or forget password feature.
  • You can reset your password or user ID by clicking the respect forget the link and entering the relevant information. 
  • After you have reset your credentials, return to the official login page. 
  • Log in with your new credentials to access all the services.

In addition to many other services, RapidFS paycard accounts offer users the ability to check their balance, transfer funds, manage their profile, set notification preferences, and much more. It is necessary to register on the official portal in order to access its features. Your 16-digit Card Number is required to register on the portal. By entering your card number, you can easily register/activate your card. 

Getting access to your account is as easy as completing the login process. Besides viewing your balance, you can shop online, pay your bills, earn cashback rewards, and more with your account. Rapid FS Login offers a fast and secure method to receive a monthly salary from an employer. MasterCard and Visa cardholders must ensure that the merchant accepts both cards in order to use Rapid Cards.

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