Frequent Queries

With RapidFS, you can access rapid through any compatible device. All registered cardholders have access to the online services. Below are the details on how to access the RapidFS pay card online if you have any questions.


RapidFS Frequent Queries

I lost my RapidFS PayCard; now what?

MasterCard Fraud Liability protects your money if your paycard is lost or stolen. To report a loss/theft and to request a new card, complete the form at 1.877.380.0980. You can also contact your employer to request a new card.

How do I fix a login error?

Whenever a user encounters an error during the login process, the username or password is incorrect. Make sure the credentials are correct to avoid any inconvenience. By using the forgot User ID/Password option, users can reset their User ID and password.

Do payroll direct deposits differ from other types?

There is no question because the funds are directly deposited on the card. There is only one difference: this is a prepaid card account rather than a checking account.

What is the procedure for activating PayCard Online?

You can activate your paycard by calling customer service at 1.877.380.0980. It is also possible to request a rapid card engraved with your name. If you want to use this card online or offline, you must activate it once the Rapid PayCard arrives (7-10 business days) in the mail.

Is it possible to add more funds to my PayCard?

The PayCard is entirely portable. The card can be taken to another employer (part-time or second job) to sign up for a direct deposit regardless of who gave you the card. Additionally, you can direct deposit your income tax refund, social security benefit, military pension, or any other payment that can be direct deposited. To access your direct deposit account number, please log in to or contact one of our customer service representatives.