Accessible Services

With RapidFS Paycard, you get a variety of services to choose from. Upon logging into the official portal, users are prompted to enter their login credentials. All services are accessible once the user has successfully logged in.


Upon approval of your RapidFS request, you should receive the same within a few days. After you receive the card, you must activate it. If not, you will not be able to access it. You can also request changes when activating the card if it does not have the correct information.

RapidFS Accessible Services

A RapidFS paycard can either be accessed online through the RapidFS portal or by calling the RapidFS phone number. The portal offers a variety of services. You can access the following listed services from the RapidFS Login page:


  • You can opt to receive email or SMS notifications from the application.
  • Logging into the portal allows users to pay their bills online as well.
  • Users can view account balances and transaction activity.
  • By signing in to their accounts and searching for savings plans, users can access their savings plans. The user can choose a particular savings plan according to their needs. 
  • Another service that users can access through the portal is making reservations for hotels and flights.
  • The portal also provides updates and news from time to time. 

As soon as the card is activated, users can access various services such as free savings accounts, subscriptions to savings plans, transfers of funds, check-sending, social security benefits, and tax returns. 

To avoid running out of cash, users can use their paycard to withdraw funds from the account from their nearest ATM, where Mastercard or Visa debit cards are accepted. Cardholders may withdraw cash from ATMs and use the card to make purchases up to USD 3,500 each day, depending on their available balance.